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friendly reminder: owning up to, learning from, and apologizing for your mistakes can go a long way

starting to see other reasons why jontron isn’t a part of game grumps now


I know this isn’t Smash-related in a sense, but check THIS out!

This is from upcoming Mario Kart 8 DLC. They’ll be divided in two packs, each with 3 characters, 4 karts, and 8 tracks.

Pack 1 (November 2014) will contain Link, Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach, plus F-Zero content!

Pack 2 (May 2015) will contain Dry Bowser, Villager and Isabelle, plus a Animal Crossing track!

by buying/pre-ordering both packs, you’ll also get 8 pallete swaps for Yoshi and Shy Guy!

New haircut really helps me rock the whole “pretentious shit” look I’ve been going for.

New haircut really helps me rock the whole “pretentious shit” look I’ve been going for.






It begins.

Some one put jontron in time out and tell him he’s not getting chocolate milk before nap time anymore until he learns to behave

There’s more


JonTron’s still going to new lows holy shit stoooooooooooop


Cis guys love to say that preferred pronouns are “stupid” and “don’t matter” but call them a girl once and watch how they react.

Just read about the Cubewatermelon/Aaron Diaz thing that went down.

An Open Letter to Aaron Diaz


Dear Aaron Diaz,

Over the past few days we’ve already exchanged some words about this. I reblogged Mary’s comic lampooning your comic (and others like it), expressing my approval of its message. I also subtweeted your work fairly obviously. We are friendly acquaintances and…